Bend’s Green Painting Specialist

We understand that painting can introduce harmful chemicals to your home or office. Over the past few years paint manufacturers have stepped up and made drastic improvements to their products. Redefine Painting and Design is proud to offer a variety of environmentally friendly primers, paints and caulking compounds which have no VOCs. These products have low odor, inhibit mold and mildew growth and greatly reduce toxins from entering the waste streams. These paints and products are perfect for the home, office, hospitals and other commercial settings.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Is Certified Green Paint affordable?

A: Yes, Certified Green Paint is more affordable than you would think, especially considering the health benefits. The price difference between Certified Green Paints and conventional paints vary, however, we have found that it is usually 10-20% more per gallon, depending on the brand

Q: Certified Green Paint is relatively new, is it durable enough for our home or Business?

A: Yes, Most of the major paint manufacturers have finally released the formulas for their Certified Green Paints.  We know they are quality products. Now is the best time to use these products. Consumers are now benefiting from a less toxic, more durable, and lower odor product for your home or business. We at Redefine Painting and Design have done our homework concerning which Certified Green Paint will work best for your painting needs.

Q: Does Redefine Painting and Design still use regular conventional paint?

A: Yes, we will gladly paint your project using the conventional paint material of your choice

Q: Are Certified Green Paints Odorless?

No, All paints have an odor. However, Certified Green Paints have considerably less odor than conventional paint. In our experience and opinion, the smell is more “earthy” than “chemical.”

Q: So what is the main difference between conventional paint and Certified Green Paint?

A: Conventional paints contain high levels of  VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Redefine Painting and Design uses Certified Green Paints that have met Green Seal Certification.

Q: Why are VOCs harmful to me and the environment?

A: Conventional paints emit large amounts of solvent toxic gasses that burn off into the air as the paint dries, causing eye nose and throat irritation. A finished paint project can continue to release these gasses for months after the paint dries affecting the indoor air quality.